Arlene's Pet Care's in home professional San Antonio, Texas offering pet sitting services & dog walking to the greater San Antonio metro area. Services provided include; dog walking, house sitting, pet sitter, pet care, dog care, cat care, small animal care, pet taxi and much more. We are bonded and insured pet sitters dog walkers in San Antonio, TX.

Scheduling Reservations
We request 7 days advance notice of the first scheduled pet sitting visit. Additional fees will result for less than 7 days advance notice. Please call to make your reservation or you may submit a Service Request on line.  Our independently contracted pet sitters do not have the ability to schedule service or alter service scheduled.

If your pet needs more time then scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to the client in 15-minute increments.

Service Confirmation
ARLENE’S PET CARE does not make tentative reservations.  Service dates are reserved until cancelled.  Prior to the beginning of pet sitting service, the client will receive an invoice via email. Please verify the dates listed on the invoice to confirm accuracy.

Service Time
Please make specific arrangements with Arlene's Pet Care management for a specific time of arrival to care for your pets. Our normal policy is to provide the client with a 2-hour window of service. This allows our pet sitters to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise with other clients and/or travel difficulties. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Refunds and Cancellations
Arlene's Pet Care requires advance notice of all cancellations.

  • Holidays         Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
  • 0-3 Days        Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
  • 4-5 Days        50% of scheduled service total is due (50% refund)
  • 6 Days           25% of scheduled service total is due (75% refund)
  • 7+ Days         No charge, refund in full

All cancellations for Arlene's Pet Care services are subject to an administrative fee assessment.

Holidays recognized by Arlene's Pet Care are listed below and are subject to a holiday fee.

  • New Years Week (includes New Years Eve and New Years Day)
  • Valentines (includes the weekend surrounding)
  • Easter (includes Friday and Saturday preceeding)
  • Mother's Day (includes the weekend surrounding)
  • Memorial Day (includes preceeding and following days)
  • Father's Day (includes the weekend surrounding)
  • July 4th (includes July 3rd and July 5th)
  • Labor Day (includes the weekend surrounding)
  • Thanksgiving Week (includes the weekend prior to Thanksgiving Day)
  • Christmas Week

Unless arrangements are made with the management for payment of services, all payments for services are due prior to the beginning of any scheduled pet sitting service contract.  Please make arrangements with the management to prepay all services.  New clients will prepay all services at the time of the initial consultation without any exceptions.  With permission from Arlene's Pet Care management, current clients may leave payment at the 1st visit.  NOTE:   Arlene's Pet Care pet sitters will leave your home WITHOUT providing any service if payment is not available.

Returning Home/Leaving Late
Please contact Arlene's Pet Care immediately upon your return. We will continue to provide pet sitting services until we have been notified by the client. If Arlene's Pet Care is not contacted and additional services/unscheduled visits are provided, the client will be responsible for any and all additional charges.

Emergency Contacts
Please provide ARLENE’S PET CARE with emergency information in writing prior to scheduled pet sitting service. It is imperative that we have this information in hand prior to the initial visit.  For your convenience, please use our Contact Information form to provide us with this information.

New Locks or Alarm Codes
Please contact our office to update client records on any codes and/or locks that may have changed.  If ARLENE’S PET CARE is required to order the services of a locksmith the client will be responsible for all locksmith charges and an additional fee of $100.00 by ARLENE’S PET CARE. 

Unlocked Households
Due to liability risks, the safety of our contractors, and the security of your home ARLENE’S PET CARE will not leave any exterior window or door open or unlocked while contracted for pet sitting services, including garage doors.              

Key/Gate Opener Pickup and/or Return
Due to liability risks, ARLENE'S PET CARE will not pick up and/or leave keys and/or gate openers at the client residence or lock the keys inside the residence on the last day. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

ARLENE'S PET CARE will hold client's keys and/or gate openers at no charge.  If the client prefers, Arlene's Pet Care will return keys following the last visit and client will be responsible for providing a key prior to the onset of additional pet sitting assignments.  If ARLENE'S PET CARE needs to retrieve key from client, there will be an additional charge of $40.00 for this service.   If a locksmith is required due to client not providing a proper key, the client is responsible for all locksmith charges in addition to a minimum charge by ARLENE'S PET CAREof $100.00, depending on time required to wait for locksmith services.

Contacting Your Pet Sitter
Please do not put your pet sitter in an awkward position by requesting personal information.  If you need to get a message to your pet sitter regarding a last minute change or question, please contact  Arlene at (210) 789-5533.  Messages are picked up often and will be delivered to the proper person.  We do not provide personal information of anyone to clients.  Thank you for helping to ensure the privacy and safety of all.

Job Sharing
Due to the concern for safety of our contractors and liability risks, ARLENE’S PET CARE cannot job share with your family and friends. ARLENE'S PET CARE will politely decline to provide pet sitting services if family, friends or neighbors are providing pet sitting services while you are away.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Third Parties
Due to liability risks and the safety of our contractors we do not allow third parties to enter the property while providing contracted pet sitting services to our clients.  A third party is defined as anyone other than the homeowner or ARLENE’S PET CARE contractor. ARLENE’S PET CARE will politely decline to provide pet sitting services if family or guests are staying in your home while you are away.

Non-Contracted Animals
Please notify our office to make arrangements for a visiting pet.  In the event you leave non-contracted animals for pet sitting services, ARLENE’S PET CARE will notify you which facility the animal has been boarded until you return.  We are unable to provide any care or emergency services for pets that are not listed in our contracts.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Household and Pet Supplies
It is important that our clients provide the proper amount of pet supplies (i.e., food, treats, litter, medications, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.).  If ARLENE'S PET CARE needs to purchase supplies, the client will be responsible for payment of supplies and an additional hourly fee to ARLENE’S PET CARE.

Inside/Outside Plant Care
ARLENE’S PET CARE is pleased to help you with light plant and yard watering.  However, we are not responsible for the survival of either.  Yard pickup, watering and other average tasks are included in the base price. If your home needs more time then scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to the client in 15-minute increments.

Special Requests
Please provide ARLENE’S PET CARE advance notice of any special requests for your pet sitter in writing.  Unless prior arrangements are made, ARLENE’S PET CARE contractors will not be able to meet these requests.  Thank you!

Right to Refuse
ARLENE’S PET CARE retains the right to refuse services to any client.